Birthday Blessings


Today I turned 53 years old. I celebrate my love of life, His Grace that allows my breath, and my beautiful mom who gave birth to me and stood beside me with my dad and siblings throughout my journey. My husband supports my every endeavor and desire, my children have returned my deepest love, and my granddaughter has opened my eyes to the most fabulous role I believe I will ever know. I am in a beautiful place in my soul, my education, my career, and my wellness path. There are times when I feel I will burst with happiness. I know the days are not perfect. There are always going to be trials. I also know that joy comes in the morning and living my redemption is not a chore but a glorious choice. Grateful for another birthday. Grateful for another day.       ~ Shari Long Romero


One thought on “Birthday Blessings

  1. Shari, this is so beautiful!!! Such a tribute for life and the One who gives that life!! Only God can grant that peace and joy in our souls!! May He give me grace and favor to always be there for you!! Love, mom


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