12472580_10208552904887396_8809774332157963879_nLiving a life of purpose and enjoying the journey is the difference between simply surviving life’s trials and tragedies and feeling like a CHAMPION through the process. When I made the decision over two years ago to step out of my comfort zone and start working toward my dreams, my life changed.

To fulfill one of my ultimate goals, I enrolled in a Doctorate of Nursing Practice program at the age of 50. I also started to research wellness. It was not enough anymore to try and fail at one more get skinny diet. For so long I had felt deprived of the richness of life, because I had tortured my body and mind with everything I could find to try and fill a gaping hole of sadness. I wanted so badly to feel STRONG and free.

There was a nurse at work who introduced me to her wellness program. She seemed to radiate a sense of strength and health. She became my Beachbody Coach. I learned about nourishing my body with super food nutrition on a daily basis, and I started P90X3 with a 90 day commitment to her Challenge Group. I knew that if I didn’t do it now and didn’t do it for me, I would always regret losing myself in a wall of fat and fear.

I made a conscious choice to put me first on my daily To Do List. The first morning I pulled on my pink tennis shoes with determination. Thirty minutes later when my workout was done, I made a Shakeology for breakfast. It was important to make this part of my life a priority. I did this every single day for 90 days. The transformation was incredible! I lost 21 inches and 14 lbs., but that was really not the most important change. This accomplishment made me so much stronger in heart, mind, body and spirit! I knew that I had to continue these practices along with other mindful routines like my morning meditation and evening prayer, clean eating for nourishment, and empowering others to do the same.

Since that time, I have channeled my energy toward my purpose. I have a passion for helping people grasp and maintain this loving wellness journey. It was alright when I was just surviving, but it is the THRIVING through life that makes it worth it all!

~ Shari Long Romero




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