Meaningful Moments

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Marilyn Hunt! She is an amazing woman who raised three feisty children and is the proud grandmother to thirteen grandchildren and a beautiful great granddaughter. I have watched my mother work hard over the years to provide for our family while sacrificing her own needs. She is my rock, my quiet place, and one of the few people who loves me unconditionally.

My mom also lives daily health and wellness. When I visit her, she is the first to join in with my PiYo or TurboFire moves. She consistently looks for better choices in her nutrition and creates low sugar meals for my dad who is diabetic. She participates in community fitness activities like water aerobics and walks with her friends. She even enjoys Shakeology with my dad. She never gives up on being her best and healthiest.

I remember when my mom was in her thirties and forties, and I did not know just how precious those moments were that we shared laughing and talking about family, life, and love. She is in her seventies now, and I am tucking away every meaningful moment I get to spend with my beautiful mother. I am grateful for the gift of knowing her and in many ways becoming her. Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Shari Long Romero


One thought on “Meaningful Moments

  1. Thank you sweet Shari!! My precious first daughter who I’m just as proud of today as I was the day you were born!!
    Thanks so much for all your kind words!! I pray the Lord gives me strength to do and be all He wants me to be!!


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