Happy Father’s Day! There are some really important people in our lives that contribute to our health and wellness that we should thank today, the person or people who loved and provided for us growing up and love us unconditionally. One of those people is my dad, Chester Hunt. He has been my staunch supporter throughout my journey in life regardless of where I was or whether I was failing or succeeding. His health has been challenging, but he has always been a fighter. This is where I get my stubborn streak and ability to keep standing up no matter how many times I fall. He is proud of my every accomplishment, and he is particularly happy about my health and wellness lifestyle since he is now loving his daily protein shakes.  Thank you, Dad, for being my favorite example of a lifelong champion and all around Superman!

IMG_1962 (1)


One thought on “Chester

  1. Thank you Shari…such an awesome tribute to your dad!
    You are correct, he loves you more than words can say and will always be proud of you and thankful just for who you are!!!!


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