Why Peace Love & Shari?

68c05096ce518bee890a65971552ed2710469688_10203849492465025_5290919122476844842_nYou may have noticed that the whole vibe of this page has changed. I am still on an incredible wellness journey in my personal life, but through the process I found I needed to fulfill a dream to serve women with some of my same history and past issues. I know the incredible effort it takes to overcome powerfully intimidating and humbling circumstances to create a tiny human when you can barely manage your own life. I know what it means to come to terms with living life on some of life’s pretty rotten terms. When every single fiber of your being is screaming for relief from some kind of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain, I know what it means to want to beg for numbness and oblivion.

The amazing thing is that the horrible things that happen to us and the resulting things that we do to cope are only a slice of our history, our past. It does not have to be the final defining moments to our lives as women, mothers, or survivors. Those profound experiences make us extraordinary champions in a movement toward recovery and wellness and living the most abundant and free life.

I decided to call my business Peace Love & Shari because I feel like I fought so hard for so long to prove to myself and to everyone around me that I was worthy of love, affection, trust, and redemption. It wasn’t until I finally accomplished nearly every single thing I set out to prove and still had people who judged my  present and my future based on my past that I simply let go, found my peace, returned to love, and claimed my own redemption. Forgiving and accepting myself was my greatest gift.

~For the woman in recovery who wants greater freedom…

~For the pregnant woman who needs clarity and guidance through all of the ad-based and institution influenced information…

~For the recovering woman transitioning to motherhood…

~For the survivor of sexual trauma or domestic abuse…

You have found your Champion. As a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse-Midwife, I have cared for women throughout their lifetime and recently completed my Doctorate of Nursing Practice to reveal and implement evidence-based protocols into the clinical setting. An intensive course and certification as a recovery and life coach was accomplished through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches. As your coach and mentor, we will explore your goals and reach for your dreams while giving you access to the best resources. As a woman in recovery, a wife, mother and grandmother, and a survivor now thriving… I get it. I’ve been where you’ve been. This is where I am today, and Life is really AWESOME!

~Peace Love & Shari


One thought on “Why Peace Love & Shari?

  1. Good article..!! So happy for you and proud of you and all your accomplishments.
    Praying God will use you in many ways to help others!! To carry out His purpose in your life.!!


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