Living Happy


Before I share with you on my wellness page, I typically contemplate the value of what I am saying and if it will have a positive impact. There is so much information for you to wade through, and I don’t want to add to the clutter. I do want to encourage and inspire you to be your happiest. I know for most people, that starts with a healthy mind and spirit and extends to our movement and nutrition.

It is the little things that we do for ourselves on a daily basis that can really make a difference over time. When you wake up in the morning, greet the day with gratitude. Make sure you are welcoming your breath and stretching arms and legs out to the universe. Hydrate cells with nature’s water and follow it up with a hot tea or coffee for your pleasure. Meditate or pray even if it is only for a few minutes to get the calm and relaxed attitude you need to manage your day. Take the time to move bone and stretch the muscle that houses the organs keeping your body in motion. Pick your favorite activity to make it more fun! Look for whole balanced nutrition with plenty of protein, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and fiber for this is your body’s fuel.

Our passions yield our happiness longevity. For me, that is my family, midwifery, and wellness. There are a whole bunch of other things wrapped up into those categories, but my heart is ingrained deeply in each one. Surround yourself with your tribe! Give away your profound gifts of knowledge and service and it will come back to you. As you head to bed for restoration, make a mental gratitude list for your happiness journal. And if you have time during your day, Snapchat with your kids . . . it drives them absolutely nuts!

 ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Harmony ~ Shari Long Romero



12472580_10208552904887396_8809774332157963879_nLiving a life of purpose and enjoying the journey is the difference between simply surviving life’s trials and tragedies and feeling like a CHAMPION through the process. When I made the decision over two years ago to step out of my comfort zone and start working toward my dreams, my life changed.

To fulfill one of my ultimate goals, I enrolled in a Doctorate of Nursing Practice program at the age of 50. I also started to research wellness. It was not enough anymore to try and fail at one more get skinny diet. For so long I had felt deprived of the richness of life, because I had tortured my body and mind with everything I could find to try and fill a gaping hole of sadness. I wanted so badly to feel STRONG and free.

There was a nurse at work who introduced me to her wellness program. She seemed to radiate a sense of strength and health. She became my Beachbody Coach. I learned about nourishing my body with super food nutrition on a daily basis, and I started P90X3 with a 90 day commitment to her Challenge Group. I knew that if I didn’t do it now and didn’t do it for me, I would always regret losing myself in a wall of fat and fear.

I made a conscious choice to put me first on my daily To Do List. The first morning I pulled on my pink tennis shoes with determination. Thirty minutes later when my workout was done, I made a Shakeology for breakfast. It was important to make this part of my life a priority. I did this every single day for 90 days. The transformation was incredible! I lost 21 inches and 14 lbs., but that was really not the most important change. This accomplishment made me so much stronger in heart, mind, body and spirit! I knew that I had to continue these practices along with other mindful routines like my morning meditation and evening prayer, clean eating for nourishment, and empowering others to do the same.

Since that time, I have channeled my energy toward my purpose. I have a passion for helping people grasp and maintain this loving wellness journey. It was alright when I was just surviving, but it is the THRIVING through life that makes it worth it all!

~ Shari Long Romero



Weight Lifter/Super Woman . . . Just Me!

It is incredible, this wonderful feeling of moving my body, sweating, stretching my muscles, and getting my mind in tune with my spirit! The program today was Master’s Hammer and Chisel. I didn’t do every move perfectly, and I didn’t lift the heaviest weights. I did get up (rolled out of bed), suit up (old tights and pink tennis shoes), show up (in my living room), and felt like dynamite the rest of the day (oh YEAH)!!!     12512218_10208472559158803_6255238761848452585_n


A New Day

OK, so I am not a great boxer. I want to be. I want to be a superstar, BADASS, rockstar that just puts it out there every day. The truth is that not every day is easy, and sometimes I just want to lay around and be stagnant. What I know is that every day I get up, suit up, and show up is a day that I will accomplish a great mission. The job of being me is sometimes a hefty one, and only I can do it. The fact is that when I open my eyes I have a choice to make. I could let the past or the fear of the future overwhelm me, but I don’t like being stuck. I can open my mind and heart to what the universe has to offer, stretch my body toward the horizon, and breathe in life’s nourishing flow. I will take this journey one day at a time . . . moving with purpose, breathing in life, and rolling with the universe.

                                                                     ~ Shari Long Romero


Birthday Blessings


Today I turned 53 years old. I celebrate my love of life, His Grace that allows my breath, and my beautiful mom who gave birth to me and stood beside me with my dad and siblings throughout my journey. My husband supports my every endeavor and desire, my children have returned my deepest love, and my granddaughter has opened my eyes to the most fabulous role I believe I will ever know. I am in a beautiful place in my soul, my education, my career, and my wellness path. There are times when I feel I will burst with happiness. I know the days are not perfect. There are always going to be trials. I also know that joy comes in the morning and living my redemption is not a chore but a glorious choice. Grateful for another birthday. Grateful for another day.       ~ Shari Long Romero

Learning to thrive, not just survive!

I have been taking my time thinking about what to share and how vulnerable I want to be yet again. A lifetime of shaming and negative thoughts about my body led to years of every fad diet on the market, every pill I could try or buy, lotions and potions and motions, and even surgery to fix my broken self-esteem. I couldn’t get it through extreme hunger or gorging on food, running for miles or lying around. Hypnosis and patches didn’t even do the trick. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, and vicarious sex only compounded the horrendous grief in my heart. Extremes on every level made me miserable including work. I won’t deny the many failures along the way. Those screw-ups and hang ups made me a real person and help build the kind of character that over time can withstand the toughest of trials.

Two years ago, right before my fifty-first birthday, I made a decision. I took a deep look in the mirror at my reflection, my own sad brown eyes, and said enough. I was so tired of being sick and tired. If I never lose another pound, if I never reach my cheerleading weight again… I am done hurting myself through self-sabotage. I chose to start feeding my body the nutrition it deserved. I chose to nourish my muscle with purposeful movement. I chose to start loving me. I did 90 days of P90X3 with Shakeology. Yes, I lost weight and inches. But, it was more about what I gained. For the first time in a long time I felt strong and in charge of my body. I felt like a BADASS ROCKSTAR that could accomplish any goal I set out to do!


Every morning I get up and stretch toward the sun, breath in gratitude and feel my heart beat with the rhythm of the universe. I suit up with whatever feels comfortable in my house that day to exercise and pull on my tennis shoes with the energy of happiness. Water and coffee start it off, then whatever program I am using to achieve my fitness goals. Shakeology works for me after the workout for full body nutrition. Then I start my the rest of my day with gratitude and energy. I am thriving and no longer just surviving!


It is Friday night and I am reflecting on the week. I have been feeling strong and in tune with my body as I increase my weight doing Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Feeling the weights in my hands, my muscles flexing, and my heart pounding to the rhythm of music reminds me that I am truly living my dream. I know that my journey is about being at peace from the inside out. I start my day by nourishing my mind with prayer and meditation then my body with superfood nutrition. Then my body is ready to get warm with purposeful movement. My goals of lifelong empowerment, a daily choice to do what is right for me, are coming true.