Honoring the Temple: Pregnancy and Birth Without Fear



In my work as a midwife, I see incredible strength time after time from women as they move through pregnancy, the powerful waves of labor, and the incredible sensations of birth. They go deep inside to find that place that allows them to open their bodies and allow the passenger to move from under their heart through their womanly passage earthside. This journey can be so intimidating and fearful when we are not revered and cared about along the way. What I work toward during our time in preparation for birth and mothering is releasing fear and truly honoring the glorious process that is happening inside the temple that is our body.

Consider the impact of fear:

· When we are afraid of loss, we unconsciously live in sorrow.

· When we are afraid of pain, we open our nervous system and pain fibers to heightened receptivity.

· When we are afraid of other’s judgement, we allow their vision of us to persuade us to act not in our own best interest.

· When we are afraid of failure, we lessen our confidence in our ability to birth.

· When we are afraid of birth, we often give up our right to the natural process.

How do we Honor the Temple?

· Nourish our bodies with good nutrition and hydration to grow the healthiest baby.

· Nurture our mind and heart with positive thought, meditation, and/or prayer to condition calm as the first response to most any situation in preparation for the new spirit.

· Avoid toxins that would alter the new life’s biochemical and physiologic development ~ stop drinking, stop drugging, stop smoking, and stop negative vibes from entering the baby’s very keen awareness.

· Build a trusting relationship with a birth team (midwife, doula, obstetrician, nurse, lactation professional, childbirth educator, etc.) that will support and advocate for you in your quest for a safe and loving prenatal and delivery experience.

· Know that not all things are within our control. There is a power greater than us, no matter what you may choose to call it, that has ultimate guidance and charge over the universe and our future.

· Live a joyful and happy life as a gift to yourself and your child.

· Feel the power and strength of the women who went before you encouraging and supporting you!

My clients will hear me say over and over, “normal and healthy mama”, as we accept our beautiful and perfect destiny toward the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Beautiful and perfect because it is our story and our incredible journey that starts the mother-child bond that lasts throughout our time on this planet. If at any time the process falls away from the norm, we continue to be open to caring professionals who work within collaborative models of care to honor the woman and provide the best evidence-based information along with continued confidence in the ability to birth.

The very life that brought us here is the valuable one that invited the new spirit to come into the temple that is our body. That life may have been tormented in the past by worry, anxiety, and fear or it may have been free and easy all along. Regardless of the past, as the woman becomes the mother, we also become the warrior, the teacher, and the Goddess that will bless the soul within us. Live in faith that we, as women, have the right to be happy and confident in our bodies and our ability to birth!

Peace Love & Shari ~ Shari Long Romero, DNP, CNM, CPC, CPRC